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Train Your Brain to Manifest Amazing Things

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Having negative thoughts is human nature.  You are the product of your environment – family, culture, society, relationships, careers, and other life events.  And the ego has a propensity to get attached to harmful thoughts.  Obsessive negative thinking is an energy drain and it’s destructive physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.


Detach from negative thoughts


The good news is that you are not your mind and your mind is not you.  You have the ability to detach your authentic self from the negative whirlwind that’s happening within your mind.  The process of detachment starts with being present – present in all the things that you do.  Be present when you’re eating breakfast, taking a shower, brushing your teeth, walking, doing the dishes, cooking etc.  The practice of being in the now allows you to gain a tremendous sense of awareness that helps you see things from a different vantage point. Instead of a street view, you now have a satellite view of your surroundings.  You are no longer a participant, instead an observer. 


Be an observer


This is a monumental milestone because you can now be witness to your thoughts – negative, positive and neutral thoughts swirling in your mind. As a present observer, you have the ability to select the thoughts you want to focus on, which wasn’t possible before as a mindless partaker.  Something more powerful as a consequence of being aware and present is that now you have the capacity to inject new thoughts.  This is when amazing things happen.


Be selective


When you have this new found ability to select thoughts why not choose healthy, positive and loving thoughts?  We all know that everything is energy – from the chair that you sit on to the food you consume to the thoughts you think.  The shapes and forms may be different but we’re all one in the same – energy.  When you concentrate on a specific thought you’re energizing and amplifying its power, and when this happens you magically attract the same type of energy.  This is the power of manifesting at work. 


Train your brain to manifest amazing things


But in order to consistently manifest what you want, you need to train your brain, and this is how:


Express gratitude


When you’re having a challenging day, it’s easy to fall back to old habits.  With difficult events, negative thoughts loom large unless you consciously balance them out.  A tried and true habit of keeping negative thoughts at bay is to take stock of what you’re grateful for.  Thoughts of gratitude help wash away harmful thoughts, which put you in a place for manifesting.

What’s even better is to create a gratitude routine – each morning or just before you go to bed, write down your blessings.  Keep them short and simple so as not to make the practice mundane.


Think of what you do want


When you notice that you’re thinking of something you don’t want, take a moment and think of what you do want.  Unpleasant feelings should be a warning sign that your awareness is required – anxiety, fear, nervousness, jealousy, anger, etc.  When these emotions surface you need to pay attention to your thought process.  Make sure that it doesn’t lead you to a path of negativity.  It’s not easy to just think pleasant thoughts, instead think of what it is that you do want – be specific.  When you do this, it spurs action towards what you want to manifest.


Repeat positive affirmations 


Do you know why the advertising industry is huge?  Because ads work – the more often you see or hear a message, the more likely you are to believe it.  Repeating positive affirmations works the same way as those pesky ads – you’re training your brain to believe in them and over time you’ll internalize them.  When you start to believe in your affirmations, you start to manifest them into the physical world. 

There are many ways to do this – you can visualize, you can write them down, you can say them, etc.  What’s important though, is to make sure that your declarations are in line with your values.  If you’re new to positive affirmations, the classic book, Creative Visualizations, provides simple and practical techniques to manifesting your deepest desires.




When you meditate you’re inviting stillness within you.  The practice of meditation is a conduit for accessing your authentic self – and when you reach this place, you can create great things.

There are many forms of meditation; however Mindfulness or Vipassana is one of the more common techniques in the Western world.  With Mindfulness, there is a focus on the breath and being present.  There is also yoga.  Although traditionally, yoga was done to prepare the yogi for meditation, the practice of yoga incorporates elements of meditation – there is emphasis on breath and stillness through asanas and in between postures.




With mindful thoughts come action, and with action comes manifesting your desires.  It is not enough to just be grateful, think positively and meditate, you also need to act.  Again, your actions should be in line with your affirmations.


The key to all these is to develop a habit.  When you train your mind to be in a position of creation, it becomes deep-rooted and second nature. 


Now it's your turn, how do you manifest amazing things?


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Comment by Marina on March 4, 2013 at 9:07am
Thanks Rajni. It took me many years to understand this.
Comment by Rajni Khanna on March 4, 2013 at 2:11am

An excellent article ,it's great for making our life better ,as it gives us clues how to chennelise our mind in right direction. thanks a lot

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