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Resources for Yoga Instructors

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For those of you who are yoga instructors or thinking of becoming one, this could be a helpful collection of online yoga resources to get you on the right path, stir up new class ideas, change direction in the way you teach, or drum up more business. I originally started this "Resources for Yoga Instructors" topic in the Forum section, but I've been able to build upon the list so I thought I'd move this content to the blog section for easier linking and findability. I will create a link on the right side under "Popular Articles" for easy access. This post will be updated on a regular basis.

Getting Started as a Yoga Teacher

How to Get Started as a Yoga Teacher

Tips for Yoga Teachers

Yoga Teaching Tips

Tips for New Yoga Instructors - Experienced Teachers Explain

How could a Shy Person Become a Yoga Teacher?

Yoga Teacher First Job

Resources for Your Yoga Class

Planning a Syllabus

Comprehensive Guide on How to Teach a Yoga Class

How to Sequence a Yoga Class Around a Theme

How to Survive Teaching Your First Yoga Class

How to Get More Students to Come to Your Class

How to Make Beginners Feel Welcome in Your Yoga Class

Have More Fun Teaching


Small Business Marketing Plan

Marketing 101

Marketing Yoga the Yogic Way

Developing Your Brand Strategy

Marketing Yoga the Yogic Way

Internet Marketing Tips For Yoga Teachers -Yoga Business

Become Enlightened on Making Money - 9 Tips For Yoga Teachers

Marketing ideas for any Yoga Studio/Business during a Slower Economy

Partnership Marketing - A Great Way to Directly Reach Your Market

Opening a Yoga Studio

How to Open a Yoga Studio - Part 1 - Create a Business Plan

How to Open a Yoga Studio - Part 2 - Naming Your Baby

How to Open a Yoga Studio - Part 3 - Finding a Location

How to Open a Yoga Studio - Part 4 - Researching Your Lease

How to Open a Yoga Studio - Part 5 - To Partner or Not to Partner

Top Ten Things to Consider when Starting a Yoga Studio

Seven Questions to Ask Before You Open a Yoga Studio

How to Start a Yoga Business

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Comment by Shai- on December 23, 2009 at 11:30am
This is a really great contribution to the community. I can't wait to dig in and start reading!

Thank you so much,

Shai -Lotus
Comment by Charlotte Bradley on July 24, 2009 at 7:37pm
Thanks for the comprehensive list of resources. I have another to add. I just bought a great ebook called "Creating Your Yoga Practice" from Kris at that may interest some new yoga teachers. It is $10 US and well well worth it. Creating sequences is a challenge for me and I have been looking for some sort of guidance. You can see sample pages at Kris's site.
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